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thought of the night in the fall when he had gone to the
meeting in the schooihouse, up Rose Creek section, and how
they had waited silently in the schooihouse for the rain to let
up, and how he had ridden back alone through the sodden
countryside with the drumming of the rushing stream in his
ears. It was much the same kind of place here. The valley
was quite dark now, even though when he looked above the
undifferentiated mass of the hills, he saw that a little light
lingered in the upper air.

A horseman separated himself from the impenetrable
shadow of the cedars by the side of the road, and moved
slowly toward Mr. Munn. Mr. Munn drew rein, and waited
while the rider slowly approached. The sound of the hoofs
of the other horse made a casual, crunching sound on the
loose gravel. Mr. Munn's own mount stood perfectly still,
and he listened to the sound of its breathing. He could not
tell anything about the appearance of the man, it was so dark,
except that he seemed to sit his horse with a natural grace.

" Fair weather," the man said in an everyday tone.

u Fairer tomorrow," Mr. Munn said.

" Pass on/' the man said. He moved back into the darkness
of the overhanging cedar boughs.

Two hundred yards farther, the road made a bend. There
the mill was, an irregular, indefinable bulk on the other side
of an open space, which was a little lighter than the road had
been. Where the road debouched on that open space, he
stopped, He could make out the fallen rail fence that bordered
what must be an overgrown pasture, and how one fork of the
road went down to a ford below the dam. The other fork
was quickly lost in the dark shadow that enveloped the mill
The scene was as he had guessed: there the bulk of the mill,
and the black, still water above the dam, and over the whole
pkce the calmness of night and long disuse which he had
known when he used to go camping at such localities when
lie was a boy.

But he felt an almost overmastering impulse to stop in the
shadow where he was, not to cross that open space. It was